5615 E. Virginia Evansville, IN 47715

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Attorney Steven Deig provided excellent, professional services to our family. He was respectful and included us in the decision making process. We had two very complicated cases, one of which had many unexplored issues and few previous cases that related to our circumstances. He was always prepared for appointments and most importantly, for court. It was very obvious from our first meeting that he was a family man by the way he showed concern for our wellbeing and was very protective over us in and out of court while our case was in process. He was always prepared and ready to counter even the most difficult of questions from the opposing side and kept himself and his associates well informed and educated with current supporting cases and changing laws. There was never a time when we did not feel completely safe and prepared. Mr. Deig was very patient and encouraging and worked to make sure that we understood how relevant laws and new judgments supported and affected our case. There is just not enough that can be said about the difference of Mr. Deig and his associates that could show the gratitude we hold in our hearts for the tireless work and countless hours spent to ensure the safety and security of our family in such a trying time. When we felt like we were out of options and losing hope; Mr. Deig and his team scooped us up, restored our faith in the system and fought to use every available resource to bring us out on top. Knowledge of the law is a commonality among attorneys....The difference he brings to the table is easily noticed and something that can be taught. The kindness, compassion and dedication shown by him and his entire team can be seen and felt from the very first visit. They do not show up each day to do their jobs, they spend their days building on their passion to create a knowledge based (law based) place of comfort and security for those who desperately need a port in the storm. On behalf of myself and my family I want to thank Mr. Deig and his team for all they do. We don't know where we would be without them, and because of their kindness, hard work and dedication...my family and I will never have to.

Ashlee Williams