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The Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC provides immigration services for clients. Attorney, Christen Christian, has a great deal of experience in this area; She also speaks Spanish, which assists her in communicating with many of her clients.

The subject of immigration can arise not only in citizenship issues but also, in other areas. If an individual has been charged with a crime, many times, a plea agreement may cause ramifications related to their immigration status. Christen provides advice to people who are concerned about their right to stay in the country, and also, for people who have been charged with a crime and contemplating a plea agreement.

On occasion, immigration issues may require the attorney to travel out of the city or state. For example, it may be necessary for them to travel to Indianapolis or Chicago. Christen is willing to do that for her clients and schedules her time so that she is available in the event travel is required.

In the event, you need advice on the area of immigration or the assistance of a bilingual attorney, Christen at the Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC will be glad to discuss your situation with you and provide any appropriate services. You may contact Christen at (812) 477-5577.