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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves trials that do not involve criminal activity. These would include such things as real estate disputes, personal injury matters, and many other areas of the law. Some cases are tried to a jury and others to a judge. Depending on the type of case, the parties may have a preference to use a judge or a jury. Sometimes, the choice is a requirement. Your attorney should be able to tell you whether you have the right to request a jury or not.

The result of civil litigation is usually an award of damages. It does not involve incarceration as do criminal cases. However, on some occasions, the court compels people to act in a certain way. The Court has the ability to issue injunctions preventing people from engaging in the conduct. An example of this is when a company is prohibited from engaging in certain business practices.

Breach of contract cases are also considered civil litigation. Such litigation could involve a vast array of different circumstances. Parties frequently enter into contracts, and if one party does not adhere to its terms, such conduct may result in a lawsuit being filed or civil litigation.

Real estate matters can also generate civil litigation. Two parties may make claim to the same real estate that could cause such a lawsuit. Additionally, if the parties have agreed to behave in a certain way regarding real estate, and one party violates the terms of that agreement, civil litigation could ensue.

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