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Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC represents clients in criminal matters that are charged with infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. We have one attorney that has practiced Criminal Law for over 40 years; He practices in state and federal court.

Our office believes that it is critical to have good client-attorney communication. Many times, a simple phone call can relieve anxiety for the client. Our office also expects the client to communicate well when asked to do so. If communication breaks down from the office to the client, or from the client to the office, the quality of representation suffers.

Some cases are resolved under a plea agreement, thereby avoiding a trial. On the other hand, sometimes, the case must be tried to either a judge or a jury. In both cases preparation and experience are equally important in reaching the best result possible.

Our office will be glad to meet with clients to evaluate their case and give them a preliminary idea of the important information required in preparing the case. If you are interested in consulting with an attorney regarding a criminal matter, do not hesitate to contact us at (812) 477-5577.