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Small Business

The Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC assist our clients in the area of business law. The assistance varies based on the need of the client. Many times, clients need businesses formed such as limited liability corporations, partnerships, or subchapter S corporations. Additionally, clients may need contracts drafted or interpreted.

Our office is uniquely positioned to help our business clients since our office also can render tax as well as legal advice. One attorney on staff is not only a lawyer but also a certified public accountant. Therefore, when tax questions arise, the file can be directed to that attorney for advice.

On occasion, a business client may have a real estate question as well. Our office has an attorney on staff that has a great deal of experience regarding real estate issues. Sometimes, these problems require examination of the chain of title of the real estate to determine if a cloud has appeared on the title that could make the transfer of the real estate problematic. In this case, corrective measures can be taken to clear the title. More serious cases may require litigation; Deig Law has experienced attorneys in real estate law and litigation.

If you have business law questions, the Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC would be happy to assist you in addressing those issues. You can contact our office at (812) 477-5577.