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Personal Injury

Personal injury law not only involves cases where an individual has been injured but death cases as well. Personal injury cases usually involve an area of the law called tort law. This area of the law usually involves cases between parties that had a relationship that was not intentional. For instance, if two individuals are involved in an automobile accident they had not intended to be interacting with each other in such a way prior to the accident.

Injuries at work are not governed by General Personal Injury Law; They are normally governed by Workmens' Compensation Law, which is categorized under a special statute. If one employee injures another employee, a suit may not be filed under General Personal Injury Law but must proceed under the Workmens' Compensation statute.

Many times, lawyers charge their clients on a contingency basis in personal injury matters; Meaning, the client does not pay any attorney fees unless a recovery is accomplished. The client should be clear on what their responsibility is, however. For instance, they must determine whether they would be responsible for expenses associated with a lawsuit if there is no recovery.

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