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Child Support

Use this calculator to estimate weekly child support payments and produce forms for use in court.

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Indiana follows child support guidelines. You can review these guidelines here: Click Here. The child support guidelines are based on a formula that is dependent on several factors including the income of the parties, cost of daycare, cost of medical insurance premiums, the number of children that were born before and after the child in question, and the number of overnights the noncustodial parent exercises.

Typically once child support is determined, it is paid to the clerk’s office located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The custodial parent is provided with a debit card to use for the children’s expenses. The custodial parent is not required to report to the court as to how the funds are spent. The parent is only required to provide an adequate home for the child or children.

Failure to pay child support can result in a contempt citation issued for failure to comply with the court’s order. In the event the court finds that a parent has not complied with its order and has done so intentionally, it can choose to enforce compliance with its order through a contempt citation. Enforcement of compliance can include payment of attorney fees for the party filing the contempt, a fine, community service, and in extreme cases, incarceration.

The court can also issue a wage withholding order, which means that the child support is withheld directly from the paying parent’s income. A likely example of this is when a parent does not comply with the court’s order and fails to pay child support.

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