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Family Law

The area of family law encompasses several different topics. Generally speaking, family law includes divorces, paternity cases, guardianship matters, and adoptions.

When considering a divorce, generally speaking, two areas are at issue. They are issues related to children and issues related to property. While both areas have very different considerations, they impact each other in certain ways. For instance, the court may consider the fact that one party will become the owner of the marital residence when it considers factors relating to the children since obviously, the children would be living in the marital residence when they are with that individual. The consideration of property matters related to divorces is reviewed in more detail under that subheading on our website. The same is true with matters relating to custody.

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Paternity matters involve children born out of wedlock. The area of law concerning paternity matters is very similar to the area of law relating to custody matters in divorces. There are two separate statutes that address these areas; when evaluating such cases, the appropriate statute should be applied.


Guardianship matters are discussed in more detail under the areas of practice tab. However, guardianships can relate to children or adults and can also correlate with both competent and incompetent individuals. Guardianships can be accomplished with the consent of the individual or without the individual's consent under certain circumstances.


Adoptions are also a separate area of family law and are governed by separate statutes. Both children and adults can be adopted. When considering adoption, both the statutes and the case law supporting the statute should be considered.